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Tripura Travel Guide & Travel Infrmation

In terms of area, Tripura is the third smallest state in India. As far as the population of the state is concerned, it comprises 0.3% of the overall population of India. Lying in the northeastern part of India, the state of Tripura is a geographically and culturally varied state. The capital of the state is Agartala. Tripura is one of the preferred tourist destinations for both domestic and international visitors for its scenic beauty and fascinating cultural heritage, places of worship, diverse flora and fauna, and indigenous tribes.

Geographical location of Tripura
The state of Tripura is specifically located between 22°56' North-24°32' North latitude and 91°09' East-92°20' East longitude. Tripura shares its borders with Bangladesh in the south, north, and west, and Mizoram and Assam (two states of India) in the east.

Some interesting facts and figures about Tripura
Area: 10,491.69 km2 (4,050.86 sq miles).
Elevation: The tallest point in Tripura is the Betling Shib in the Jampui mountain range with an altitude of 939 meters.
Climate: Normally, the state of Tripura features a tropical savannah climate. There are four seasons – summer or pre-monsoon (March – April), monsoon (May – September), post monsoon (October-November) and winter (December –February). The minimum temperature recorded in the summer is 24°C and the highest is 36°C. The lowest temperature in the winter months is 13°C and the highest 27°C.
Rainfall: The annual rainfall in Tripura ranges between 77.94 to 108.11 inches (1,979.6-2,745.9 mm).
Largest city: Agartala
Capital city: Agartala
Population: 3,671,032 (2011)
Chief Minister: Manik Sarkar
Languages spoken: Bengali and Kokborok.
Best season to visit: From October to January.

State symbols
Animal: Phayre’s Langur
Bird: Green imperial pigeon
Tree: Agar
Flower: Nagesar

Tripura is considered as a famous tourist destination in India. The tourism industry in the state is developing. People come here to see the natural beauty, picturesque mountains, and impressive palaces and museums. Tripura draws numerous travelers round the year though the number of foreign visitors is less. The most visited tourist attractions in Tripura are the following: Read More....
By Air: Agartala Airport is situated at a distance of 6.7 nautical miles or 12.5 km towards the northwest of the capital. Housed at Singerbhil, it ranks as the 2nd busiest airport in the northeastern part of India following Guwahati. Cities like Imphal, Kolkata, Silchar, Delhi, Guwahati, Aizwal, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Ahmedabad are connected directly via flight services. The important airlines serving the state are Jet Airways (running Konnect and Codeshare flights), Air India, SpiceJet and Indigo Airlines. Agartala offers passenger helicopter services to key places like Dharmanagar and Kailashahar along with additionally secluded places including Gandacherra and Kanchanpur. Read More....
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