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Manipur Travel Guide & Travel Infrmation 

Also known as Meeteileipak and Kangleipak, Manipur is a state in Northeast India. There are many tribes living in the state such as Kukei, Mitei, Pangal, Naga, as well as Bishnupriya Manipuri. Forming a part of Northeast India, the state of Manipur can be depicted as a junction of ethnic and financial interchanges. The capital of the state is Imphal. The state has joined the subcontinent of India with Southeast Asia for an extensive period, facilitating relocation of masses, traditions and faiths. The state has borne testimony to a number of battles, including the conflict at the time of the 2nd World War.

Geographical location of Manipur
The state of Manipur is situated at 23°83’ North – 25°68’ North latitude and 93°03’ East – 94°78’ East longitude. It shares its borders with Mizoram in the south, Nagaland in the north, Burma (Myanmar) in the east and Assam in the west.

Some interesting facts and figures about Manipur
Area: 22,327 km2 (8,621 sq miles).
Elevation: The tallest point in Manipur is the Mount Iso Peak with an altitude of 2,994 meters.
Climate: The weather of Manipur is mostly regulated by the contour of this mountainous area which defines the geographical features of this small state. Situated at an altitude of 790 meters over sea surface, Manipur is surrounded by hills all around. The northeastern area of India normally experiences a pleasant weather. However, the winter months may be somewhat cold. The highest temperature in the summer months is 32°C. During the winter months, the mercury frequently drops under 0°C, resulting in snowfalls. Snowfall on certain occasions takes place in particular mountainous areas as a result of the Western Disturbance. January is the chilliest month, and the hottest is July. The mean yearly rainfall in Manipur is 1467.5 mm.
Largest city: Imphal
Capital city: Imphal
Population: 2,721,756 (2011)
Chief Minister: Okram Ibobi Singh
Languages spoken: Meeteilon (Manipuri) and English.
Best season to visit: From October to March.

State symbols
State animal: Sangai (Rucervus eldii eldii)                    
State flower: Siroi Lily (Lilium mackliniae)                   
State bird: Nongyeen                     
State tree: Uningthou

Manipur is one of the top tourist spots in India. The state features an affluent tradition with dance, martial arts, plays and monuments. The verdant landscape coupled with the pleasant weather makes it charming for the travelers. Dzukou Valley at Senapati, the occasional Shirui Lily plant at Ukhrul, the Brow antlered deer (Sangai) as well as the hovering islands at Loktak Lake are the prime attractions of Manipur. The popular game polo has its source from Manipur as well. This is often dubbed as a royal game. Manipur is also famous for indigenous martial arts like Thang-ta which is practiced with swords. The most visited tourist attractions in Manipur are as follows: Read More....
By Air: The sole airport in Manipur is located in Changangei, Imphal, and its name is Tulihal Airport. It offers direct flights to Kolkata, Delhi, Silchar, Guwahati, and Agartala. The airport has been improved in the form of an international airport. It also ranks as the 2nd biggest airport in northeast India. It also functions as a major logistics hub for northeastern provinces. Read More....
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