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Chhattisgarh Travel Guide & Travel Infrmation

Chhattisgarh is a major state lying in Central India. On November 1, 2000, the state of Chhattisgarh was formed by separating sixteen southeastern districts of the state of Madhya Pradesh. In terms of area, Chhattisgarh holds the rank of the 10th biggest state in India. The capital of the state is Raipur. It is also one of the most economically developed states in the country.

Geographical location of Chhattisgarh
The state of Chhattisgarh lies between 21.27° North latitude and 81.60° East longitude. Chhattisgarh shares its boundaries with the states of Maharashtra to the southwest, Madhya Pradesh to the northwest, Odisha to the east, Andhra Pradesh to the south, Jharkhand to the northeast and Uttar Pradesh to the north.

Some interesting facts and figures about Chhattisgarh
Area: 135,194.5 km2 (52,198.9 sq miles).
Elevation: The mean altitude above sea surface is __ meters or ___ feet.
Climate: Chhattisgarh features a tropical weather. The weather is warm and full of moisture due to its closeness to the Tropic of Cancer as well as its reliance on the rainy season. The maximum temperature in the winter months is around 25°C and the minimum is 0°C. During the summer, the mercury escalates to 45°C and the lowest temperature during this time is 30°C.
Rainfall: Chhattisgarh experiences a mean rainfall of 50.9 inches or 1,292 mm every year.
Largest city: Raipur
Capital city: Raipur
Population: 25,545,198 (2011)
Chief Minister: Dr. Raman Singh
Languages Spoken: Hindi and Chhattisgarhi.
Best season to visit: Between September and December.

State symbols
Animal: Van Bhainsa (Wild Buffalo)
Bird: Hill (Pahari) Myna
Tree: Sal/Sarai
Flower: Palash

The state of Chhattisgarh features an outstanding combination of scenic and historical beauty. It is the 26th state of India. Starting from archeological sites, ancient caves, national parks, water bodies, raving waterfalls to a diverse range of flora and fauna, Chattisgarh provides something for everyone. This famous state has been cited as "Dakshin Kosala" in prehistoric literature and in chronicles of overseas tourists. The state is famous for its dense jungles, scenic landscapes and cultural heritage. The most visited tourist attractions in Chhattisgarh are as follows: Read More....
By Air: In comparison to other states, the airways transport infrastructure in the state is not so developed. The principal airport of the state is Raipur Airport, also known as Swami Vivekananda Airport. It is the exclusive airport in the city with planned commercial flight facilities. Raipur Airport is connected with all the major cities in the nation. Raipur Airport offers an air-taxi service "on demand" to places like Jagdalpur, Korba, Ambikapur, Raigarh, Jashpur and Baikunthpur. In July 2013, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the State Government of Chhattisgarh and the AAI (Airports Authority of India) to promote Raigarh Airport as the 2nd airport in the state for inland flights. Read More....
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