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Arunachal Pradesh

Aurunachal Pradesh Travel Guide & Travel Infrmation

Arunachal Pradesh is a small state in northeastern India. The capital of this state is Itanagar. It is dubbed as the “land of the dawn-lit mountains”. For its diverse flora, the state has earned a number of sobriquets such as the Paradise of the Botanists and Orchid State of India. The word ‘Arunachal’ stands for the land of the rising sun since Arun signifies sun and Achal implies land. It is a mountainous state with many rivers passing through it as well as their valleys. The five principal rivers of the state are Subansiri, Kameng, Lohit, Siang, and Tirap. The foggy mountains, dazzling rivers, and bubbling waterfalls add to the attraction of this amazing territory. The state is home to various historical palaces, museums, wildlife reserves, monasteries as well as holy religious sites.

Geographical location of Arunachal Pradesh
The state of Arunachal Pradesh lies between 26.28° North and 29.30° North latitudes and 91.20° East and 97.30° East longitudes. Arunachal Pradesh shares its boundaries with Nagaland and Assam to the south and its international boundaries are shared with Myanmar to the east, Bhutan to the west, and the People's Republic of China to the north.

Some interesting facts and figures about Arunachal Pradesh
Area: 83,743 km2 or 32,333 sq miles.
Elevation: Ranging from 50-7,000 meters.
Climate Summer: Maximum temperature 40°C and minimum temperature 18°C.
Climate Winter: Maximum temperature 12°C and minimum temperature 5°C.
Rainfall: The average annual rainfall is around 266 cm.
Largest city: Itanagar
Capital city: Itanagar
Population: 1,382,611 (2011)
Chief Minister: Nabam Tuki
Languages Spoken: Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, English and a number of tribal languages.
Best season to visit: From October to March.

State symbols
Animal: Gayal
Bird: Hornbill
Tree: Hollong
Flower: Foxtail Orchid

Arunachal Pradesh is mostly famous for its lush green landscape. The state is home to oak, pine, fir, maple, and rhododendron jungles and the government has taken every initiative to save these jungles and timber business has been prohibited in Arunachal. The majority of the population of the state are tribal people, largely belonging to either Thai-Burmese or Tibetan communities. As a result, the traditions and languages are also varied. The state provides many adrenaline-pumping pursuits such as trekking, mountaineering, hiking, and camping. The dashing torrents of the thunderous rivers are perfect for rafting and fishing. The most famous tourist attractions in the state of Arunachal Pradesh are as follows: Read More....
By Air: There are five airports in the state and they are Ziro Airport, Daporijo Airport, Tezu Airport, Along Airport, as well as Pasighat Airport. Nonetheless, as a result of the rocky topography, all of them are small and non-functional. Earlier than the time when Arunachal was joined by roadways, they were basically utilized to ship food. A green-field airport has been proposed at Holongi to cater to Itanagar and the estimate is close to INR 6.50 billion. Read More....
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